Having become interested in homeopathy, I wanted to know was homeopathy a legitimate science. Studying the fundamental properties of homeopathy lead me to water. I realized if I wanted to learn more about homeopathy, I would have to learn more about water.

I first read about Viktor Schauberger, a water scientist, who studied nature in its undisturbed mode.  From his experiences, he became aware of the hidden nature of water.  Water to be healthy needed to move in spirals or a vortex pattern.  He recognized the vortex motion as nature’s mechanism for transforming energy from one level to another.

After having read about Viktor Schauberger and several other scientists, I began to think that water actually had miraculous properties to it that are not understood.

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon wrote about how water exists in two forms a high energy form he called H2O-6 and a lower energy state called H2O-5.  This H2O-6 is the more energized and structured state.  H2O-6 is referred to as structured water.

When we call our water energized we are referring to water in its highest energy state, H2O-6.

The industrialization and modernization of supplying water in this epoch has devitalized the quality of our drinking water.  Most of us do not have the opportunity to drink water in its higher energy state.  Communities drinking devitalized water had higher incidences of cancer according to Schauberger.

Homeopathy in order to be effect, the water must be in this higher state of energy.  It is the constant shaking during the dilution process that appears to elevate the water to a higher energy state.

Having realized these unique properties of water uncovered by different scientist throughout the millennium and the potential health benefits to drinking a superior quality of water, the Shangri-La team has developed a system closely mimicking nature.

Water did not just flow in streams and rivers, but it tumbled in a vortex-like manner.  Just like water flows when you pull the plug in the bathtub.  For Schauberger, this was when water was alive and energized.  He saw water as the foundation of all life processes and the channel that nourishes and energizes all life.

Viktor Schauberger also recognized water as a living entity – thus the term “energized water” – whose main function is to accumulate and transform the energies originating from the Earth and the Sun.