Aging and health is a loss of energized water from organs, tissues, cells, and an overall decrease in total body water.

Energized water measured by nuclear magnetic resonance has short wave lengths allowing it to penetrate more easily into the inside of cells.

Energized water is more negatively charged and pulls more hydrogen ion along with more water into the cells.

Water with high alkalinity is actually less healthy to drink.  The stomach is acidic, and when you drink large amounts of alkaline water it leads to indigestion especially in the elderly.

Alkaline water does not penetrate into the cells, because the inside of the cells needs to be slightly acidic compared to the outside of the cell.

Only drinking energized water can hydrate the inside of your cells adequately and keep you healthier.

We use only the best minerals that mimic the mineral content of your body, those minerals are extracted from the ocean.

Appropriate mineralization of energized water is vital in maintaining the water in this higher energy state.