How we filter

  • The water passes through 78 filters to remove water of chemical, biological, and organic impurities.
  • The water then enters our vortex chamber for a whirling and energizing effect.
  • After the vortex chamber the water is treated with ultraviolet light for sterilization.
  • Finally, we add minerals to complete the process.

 We whirl the water

  • Whirling and vortex are synonymous processes.
  • We whirl our water in a huge cylindrical chamber.
  • We do that by with a motor that propels the whirling of water inside the chamber.
  • This whirling movement energizes the water.

We use superior minerals

  • We add a natural, organically purified, raw, unheated, seawater solution, which is also available as a nutritional supplement.
  • This solution is a naturally occurring electrolyte organic mixture composed of trace minerals and micronutrients.
  • This provides a complete spectrum of nutritional elements, which exists in naturally occurring ratios to ensure optimal absorption and metabolic efficiency.
  • These minerals maintain the water in a high energy state.

 Our water is in a higher energy state

  • This whirling motion is nature’s mechanism for transferring energy from one level to another.
  • Water in nature does not just flow in streams and rivers, but tumbles and whirls.
  • This changes our water from a low energy state to a higher energy state known as H2O-6.
  • Therefore the water helps improve health.

 Benefits of our water for you

  • Superior mineralization
  • Incorporation of more oxygen in the water
  • Improvement in athletic performance
  • Helps reduce stress and depression
  • Easier penetration of water into the cell for hydration